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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Living legend of Radio Ceylon "Mr Gopal Gautam Kumar Sharma"

Message from VUHams in yahoo groups

Living legend of Radio Ceylon Mr Gopal Gautam Kumar Sharma


Rabde Vilas

Hello Friends

I had an opportunity to see and listen to Mr Gopal legend of Radio Ceylon yesterday evening in Pune. Friends of my age will agree, our childhood and young days, we all wee fans of Radio Ceylon only broadcasting of Hindi Film Music.

Thanks to Sapre kaka and Hemant Tattu for this wonderful opportunity.

Mr Gopal Sharma created wonderful and memorable programes during his tenure on Radio Ceylone but very few are available with his those days archiving was not a practice of Radio Ceylon. Mr Sharma have two such programs on Audio Cassette which were digitised by Mr Hemant Tattu on CD using special software and filters and restored last week.

We had memorable opportunity to listen to following two programmes broadcast some time in 1962 on Radio Ceylon Vyapar Vibhag in "Kal aur Aaj" 5th & 7th Anniversary of "Sargam"

1: Impact of Classical Music on Hindi film songs
2: Impact of western music on Hindi Film sangeet

From 1956 to 1967, Gopal Sharma ruled Radio Ceylon, which was aired from Colombo. The man who popularised usages like Awaz ki duniya ke doston,Shubhratri, Shubashish, Bandhuvar and Filmonia decided to bridge the gap between radio listeners and the men behind the mike with his autobiography. Titled, appropriately, "Awaz Ki Duniya Ke Doston", the book has just hit the stands.This 280-page-book in Hindi is an account of how perfect pronunciation and language helped him become a star on the airwaves. It is also a guide for aspiring broadcasters.

Even at 82, Sharma still has that charismatic voice that glued listeners to
Radio Ceylon. He popularised Hindi film music and instrumentals. So much so that once when legendary shehnai player Ustad Bismillah Khan met Sharma, the former kissed his hands saying, "You make crores of listeners listen to my shehnai with these hands." Once Lata Mangeshkar invited him as she was fan and Gopal Sharma could not recognize her as she was in very simple costume. Finally Lat requested him to listen to her recording to prove. The book is replete with several such instances and makes one realise the power of radio, particularly in the days before entertainment options proliferated.Recalls the veteran, who has interviewed almost all the reigning actors, "My weekly programme comparing the music and songs of old and new times, 'Kal Aur Aaj' (1958-1959) would make the likes of Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor andO.P.Ralhan write to me. Once Raj Kapoor asked me, 'How do you get so much time to research on topics like how film music was started?. I am amazed at the details you provide.' This compliment was enough to keep me going."

Mr Gopal Sharma lives in Mumbai but frequent visitor to Pune in Wanwari, his daughter.

With best regards

Vilas Rabde

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