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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Safety Tips - Battery Maintainance

This is an actual incidence that occurred while doing maintenance.

There were 24 lead - acid batteries located on wooden stand at the chest heightin 10 W VLPT,……,Maharashtra which are charged with Solar panels. In 2006 while doing battery maintenance during afternoon period ,vent plugs were removed from batteries for taking specific gravity ,one accident happened, due to continuous charging process. Air bubbles went directly into eye of Sh……,Tech. He cleaned his eyes immediately with tap water ,but he was unable to see clearly upto 3 weeks, because of white layer which occurred in front of eye cornea. He was able to see after taking one month medical treatment.

Same accident got repeated after 2 years with Sh……,SEA.This time … used the distilled bottle water which was available on the spot to wash his eyes, instead of going to tap. But unfortunately water bottle received from shop was with acid. As he attempted to clean his eyes with this solution he lost his vision. After taking medical treatment at Sangli, Pune and Hyderabad upto 3-4 years now he got 30-40 % vision back
To avoid such type of accidents one should essentially use white goggles while carrying out battery maintenance. Also one switch can be added in charging circuit and one can follow practice to cut off charging of batteries at least 15 minutes before battery maintenance.

The purpose of this post is to emphasize the need of safety in workplace. Please ensure such precautions at your station and share such advises / incidents for the benefit of fellow colleagues.
Contributed by : S.N.Patange,SEA, written by Sh.MR Jain,EA, as reported by Sh. Chaugale Tech. HPT AIR Pune

- via Akasvani Doordarshan Parivar blog

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