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The club will give the chance to become friends with listeners and Dxers in other countries. The club will serve as a platform to take part in discussions, dialogue, and exchange opinions with people in various parts of the world. For a while it was like a dream but now it is a reality. By joining together we can do a lot for our planet. For example, help to ensure peace on Earth and save the environment. The main task of our club is to get acquainted with listeners in other countries. I think in a country where you have friends there is no room for enemy. And lastly very important, the members will established and promote friendship, fraternity and mutual understanding among them and it will be a first step to maintain peace on our Earth i.e. our common home.

Friday, June 28, 2013

DX QUIZ 2013

In 2013 the Ardic DX Club celebrates its 15th anniversary. For 15 years it has been the primary source of information for dxing enthusiasts all over the Tamil Nadu, India. In order to celebrate this event, a quiz is being organised. The quiz is open to anyone, regardless of location or club membership. The quiz does not solely deal with Tamil Dxing, but covers very different radio aspects. Answering following 25 questions you can show your radio knowledge.

No quiz without prizes of course. And to make the contest interesting to everybody, a few prizes will be given anomaly to entrants. So if the questions look hard, participate anyway.

Quiz starts from 15 May 2013, Last date for the entry 31 July 2013.

Quiz Questions
1. Sound of Hope is broadcast from which country?
a. Taiwan, b. India, c. Sri Lanka, d. England.
2. All India Radio Chennai celebrates it’s ___ anniversary?
a. 65, b. 55, c. 85, d. 75.
3. This year DW Radio celebrates it’s ____ anniversary.
a. 50, b. 60, c. 70, d. 80.
4. Which Tamil Nadu station starts their DRM broadcast recently?
a. AIR Tiruchy, b. AIR Tirunelveli, c. AIR Chennai, d. AIR Madurai.
5. What is the name of the DX Programme broadcast in Gyanvani FM Tirunelveli?
a. Vaanoli Ulagam, b. Neyar Kaditham, c. Neyar Kural, d. Sincerely Yours.
6. Name of the DX Magazine recently stops their hard copy printing from UK?
a. Ariel, b. Contact, c. QST, d. Monitoring Times.
7. 15050 KHz used by which AIR Tx station?
a. Chennai, b. Tutucorin, c. Khampur, d. Bangalore.
8. From which country SENDER UND FREQUENZEN published?
a. Germany, b. Denmark, c. Nederland, d. Finland.
9. Name the book Mr. Simon James Potter recently wrote?
a. The World Service, b. On the Shortwave, c. Broadcasting Empire: The BBC and the British World, 1922-1970, d. Shortwave Guide.
10. CRI Tamil service started on which year?
a. 1963 Julyl 1, b. 1963 August 1, c. 1963 September 1, d. 1963 October 1.
11. RFA’s 50th QSL theme is on _______?
a. IBB Biblis, b. d. IBB Saipen, c. IBB Iranawilla, d. IBB Kuwait.
12. RMRC will broadcast their special programme on which frequency?
a. 9955, b. 9945, c. 9965, d. 9535.
13. Radio Puntland operate from which country?
a. Ruwanda, b. Uganda, c. Tanzania, d. Somalia,
14. DSNG stands for__________?
a. Digital Shortwave News Gathering, b. Digital Signal Noise Gathering,
c. Digital Satellite News Gathering, d. DxerS Number Gathering.
15. AIR Tirunelveli starts its service on which year?
a. 4 May 1963, b. 1 December 1963, c. 4 December 1963, d. 1 May 1963.
16. Recently a Tamil book become popular which was written by Head of CRI Tamil section? Name the author of that book?
a. Kalaiyarasi, b. Kalaimagal, c. Vaani, d. Oviya.

17. RSL stands for?
a. Restricted Service Licenses, b. Restricted Shortwave Licenses, c. Receiver Service Licenses,
d. Radio Service Licenses.
18. How many languages were added recently in SBS Australia?
a. 12, b. 10, c. 8, d. 6,
19. In which area AWR 42nd year annual DX Contest conduct?
a. Focus on Asia, b. Focus on Pacific, c. Focus on Africa, d. Focus on South America.
20. Call sign of the Indian Standard Time and Frequency station?
a. ATB, b. ATA, c. AWZ, d. VU2.
21. Which shortwave station was closed by the BBC in april 13 as budget cutback measure?
a. Cyprus, b. Singapore, c. Meyerton, d. Rampisham.

22. Identify the new type of jamming used to suppress shortwave broadcasts of BBC, VOA etc in recent months.
a. Digital Normal Jamming, b. Digital Jamming, c. Digital Noise Jamming, d. Noise Jamming.

23. What is the new technique used to transmit text messages in shortwave broadcast?
a. Radiotx, b. RadioDX, c. Shorttxt, d. Radiogram

24. In phase-III auction how many FM radio frequencies allotted in Indian cities?
a. 859, b. 849, c. 839, d. 829.
25. Who is the current International Editor of WRTH?
a. Nicholas Hardyman, b. Sean Gilbert, c. Jerry Berg, d. Anker Peterson.
Please note the following things when you send the entry.
1. Every entry will get the special pennant in the memory of the Gyanvani FM 105.6 – Tiruneveli.
2. Every entry must send one reception report of any frequency of All India Radio for the anniversary special QSL.
3. Every entry should send any one radio sticker. Local radio sticker is appreciated.
4. Every entry should send one any radio QSL card / view card from broadcasting station. (Extra QSL cards from you collection, if not send the photo copy of the rare QSL in you collection.
5. Indian listeners must send Rs.25/- mint stamp for postage and International listeners must send 2 IRC or 2 US $. Those who are send US dollars; kindly send it only by register post. Otherwise it will be theft and the ADXC were not take the responsibility of your US $.
Send your answers to T.Jaisakthivel, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, MS University, Abishekapatti, Tirunelveli – 627 012, Tamil Nadu, India. 


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