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The club will give the chance to become friends with listeners and Dxers in other countries. The club will serve as a platform to take part in discussions, dialogue, and exchange opinions with people in various parts of the world. For a while it was like a dream but now it is a reality. By joining together we can do a lot for our planet. For example, help to ensure peace on Earth and save the environment. The main task of our club is to get acquainted with listeners in other countries. I think in a country where you have friends there is no room for enemy. And lastly very important, the members will established and promote friendship, fraternity and mutual understanding among them and it will be a first step to maintain peace on our Earth i.e. our common home.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Special DX test from Costa Rica Radio Miami International

Special DX test from Costa Rica Radio Miami International, in cooperation with its client Radio Republica, was conducted a special DX test at 7 Jan - 2000-2100 UTC on 5954 kHz 7 Jan - 2300-2400 UTC on 5954 kHz 8 Jan - 0200-0300 UTC on 5954 kHz from Cariari, Costa Rica.
The programming aired was Radio Republica in Spanish. The power was 10 kW. 

Reception report was sent on the same day. A QSL card was arrived in mail on 20 March after a follow up.


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