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Monday, June 4, 2012

AIR - Highlights of the Activities during the year 2011-12

Excerpt from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of india, Annual
Report 2011-12

All India Radio is one of the largest broadcasting networks in the world.
At the time of Independence, there were six Radio Stations and 18
Transmitters (6 MW & 12 SW) covering 11% of population and 2.5% area of the
By 15th December 2011, AIR network has grown by 261 stations and 406
transmitters (149 MW, 54 SW & 203 FM) which provide coverage to 99% of the
population spread over 91% area of the country.

Highlights of the Activities during the year 2011-12

During last year, the number of stations has increased from 241 to 260 and
number of transmitters from 385 to 406.

New Stations/Tr. commissioned during the year :

1. Sitamahi (Bihar) - 100 W FM Tr.,
2. Bhatwari (Uttarakhand)) - 100 W Tr.,
3. Gaya(Bihar) - 100 W FM Tr.,
4. Sringeri(Karnataka) - 100 W FM Tr.
5. Udhampur (J&K) - 100W FM Tr.,
6. Ongole(Andhra Pradesh) - 100W FM Tr.,
7. Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) - 100W FM Tr.,
8. Gurej (J&K) - 100W FM Tr.,
9. Titwal(J&K) - 100W FM Tr.,
10. Rampur (H.P.) - 100W FM Tr.,
11. Neemuch (M.P.) - 100W FM Tr.,
12. Berthein (H.P.) - 100 W FM Tr.
13. Cherrpunji (Meghalaya) - 100 W FM Tr.
14. Mandi (H.P.) - 100 W FM Tr.
15. Sunder Nagar (H.P.) - 100 W FM Tr.
16. Kishan Ganj (Bihar) - 100 W FM Tr.
17. Pratap Nagar (Uttrakhand) - 100 W FM Tr.
18. Bacher (Uttrakhand) - 100 W FM Tr.
19. Uri (J&K) - 100 W FM Tr.
20. Suryapet(Tamilnadu)- 1kW Interim setup

Transmitter commissioned at existing station

Silchar (Assam) - 100 W FM Tr.

Facilities upgraded at the following stations

1. Alwar - Existing 6kW FM Tr. upgraded to 10kW FM Tr.
2. Kurushetra - Existing 6kW FM Tr. upgraded to 10kW FM Tr.
3. Banswara - Existing 6kW FM Tr. upgraded to 10kW FM Tr.
4. Chittaurgarh - Existing 6kW FM Tr. upgraded to 10kW FM Tr.
5. Hyderabad (Rainbow) - Existing 6kW FM Tr. upgraded to 10kW FM Tr.
6. Hyderabad (CBS) - New 10kW FM Tr. became functional in place of
existing 1kW FM Interim setup
7. Cochin - Existing 6kW FM Tr. upgraded to 10kW FM Tr.
8. Nagpur - Existing 6kW FM Tr. upgraded to 10kW FM Tr.
9. Varanasi - New 10kW FM Tr. (Replacement of 1kW MW) became functional in
place of existing 1kW FM Interim setup.
10.Gorakhpur - New 10kW FM Tr. became functional in place of existing 1kW
FM Interim setup.

Stations technically ready - Following four stations are technically ready
for commissioning:

1. Rairangpur (Orissa) - 1 kW FM Tr.
2. Longtherai (Tripura) - 1kW FM Tr. (Interim set up for 10 kW FM TR.)
3. Dungarpur (Rajasthan) - 1 kW MW Tr.
4. Dharamanagar (Tripura) - 1 kW MW Tr.
These set ups will be commissioned on the receipt of O&M Staff sanction and
recruitment of staff.

Special Package for J&K
Phase-I of Special Package for expansion & Improvement of AIR services in
J&K has been implemented. There are now 16 AIR Stations and 29 transmitters
(MW 14, FM 12, SW 3) in J&K. About 99.52% of State's population is now
covered by Radio Signals.

Phase-III - The scheme includes setting up of four Transmitters. In
addition to this, four numbers of Low Power 100 Watt FM Transmitters have
also been included in uncovered regions. Sites have been allotted for two
places. 100W FM Tr. have been ordered & NIT issued for High power FM
transmitter for TV site Naushera.

Phase - II of North-East Special Package Special Package for expansion &
improvement of AIR services in North-East and Island Territories is under
implementation. The Package includes:
1 KW FM stations - 19 Nos:
1. Arunachal : Anini, Bomdlia, Changlang, Pradesh Daporjio, Khonsa
2. Assam : Karimganj, Lumding, Goalpara
3. Manipur : Ukhrul, Tamenglong
4. Meghalaya : Cherrapunjee
5. Mizoram : Tuipang, Chemphal, Kolasib
6. Nagaland : Wokha, Zunheboto, Phek
7. Tripura : Udaipur, Nutan Bazar

Silchar - 5 kw FM Tr. & Gangtok - 10 kW FM Tr.
Civil Works for the FM transmitter at Silchar and Gangtok are complete and
departmental works are in process.
5 kW FM transmitter for Silchar received at Delhi & dispatched for site.
Departmental work almost completed.
10 kW FM transmitter at Gangtok received & installed. Testing & Measurement
under progress.

100 W FM relay transmitters at 100 places - installed at 89 places
including nine installed during the year 2011. Work is in progress at three
places. Work at eight places will start after getting clearance from the
respective State Government (two in Arunachal) and improvement in law &
order situation (four in Manipur will two in Tripura).

Chinsurah - 1000 kW MW Tr. (Replacement of existing 1000 kW MW Tr.) - Tr.
received at site in July,2011.
Kavaratti - 10 kW MW Tr. (Replacement of 1 kW MW Tr.) - Order placed for
transmitter in 2011-12.

(Source : Govt. of India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Annual
Report, 2011-12)
Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi, India


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