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The club will give the chance to become friends with listeners and Dxers in other countries. The club will serve as a platform to take part in discussions, dialogue, and exchange opinions with people in various parts of the world. For a while it was like a dream but now it is a reality. By joining together we can do a lot for our planet. For example, help to ensure peace on Earth and save the environment. The main task of our club is to get acquainted with listeners in other countries. I think in a country where you have friends there is no room for enemy. And lastly very important, the members will established and promote friendship, fraternity and mutual understanding among them and it will be a first step to maintain peace on our Earth i.e. our common home.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


-By Victor Goonetilleke

Monitorships-in short stations would need you to be a dependable regular reporter. Some stations have appointed monitors, others don't and depend on regular reports they receive from their listeners and the station engineers also check reception via remote receivers set p all over he world which they can access via the internet. Stations like RKI and RTI have monitors who are selected by the stations. They will send some gifts or IRCs to cover postage. Some stations need no sophisticated receivers, but just average receivers on which regular reports are solicited. What they need is to know how well or badly their reception is on average listener receivers. They will call such a system a Listenrs' panel, or Monitoring panel. It is only the stations who have a foreign service who will want or have such a monitoring panel. Up to about 15 years ago major broadcasters depended almost entirely on monitors to make changes and sought their help in frequency planning. Some stations had arrangements with other broadcasters to monitor their broadcasts on a reciprocal basis. AIR Delhi receiving station will monitor BBC while BBC Monitoring will do that of AIR to Europe. With the advent of the internet remote monitoring started and this asystem can check reception in quite a few locations in India too. In addition there are a few experienced monitors who are equipped both in equipment and knowledge who do regular monitoring. With the cutbacks and reductions in shortwave these are on the way out sadly.


My response: Victor Goonetilleke Sir very precise and informative answer to my query. I hope you will properly guide me in future about listening and dxing. With heartiest regards! Mitul 

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